City Cuisine Score Sort by Name
[+]15 East Restaurant [15 E 15th St and 5th Ave] [212-647-0015] [Japanese]
[+]44 & X [626 10th Ave and 44th St] [212-977-1170] [New American, Brunch][****]
[+]675 Bar [675 Hudson St and W 13th St] [212-699-2410] [Bar][**]
[+]Aldea [31 W 17th St and 6th Ave] [212-675-7223] [Portuguese][****]
[+]Alfama [551 Hudson St and 11th St] [212-645-2500] [Portuguese][***]
[+]Alta [64 W 10th St and 6th Ave] [212-505-7777] [Italian, Spanish][**]
[+]Amy's Bread [75 9th Ave and W 15th St] [212-462-4338] [Bakery][****]
[+]Asia de Cuba [237 Madison Ave and E 37th St] [212-726-7755] [Asian Fusion][**]
[+]Aurora [510 Broome St and Thompson St] [212-334-9020] [Italian][***]
[+]Avenue [116 10th Avenue and W 17th St] [212-337-0054] [Bar]
[+]B Cafe [240 E 75th St and 2nd Ave] [212-249-3300] [Continental][***]
[+]Babbo [110 Waverly Pl and MacDougal St] [212-777-0303] [Italian][****]
[+]Bar Six [502 Avenue of the Americas and W 13th St] [212-691-1363] [Bar][**]
[+]Basilica [676 9th Ave and 47th St] [212-489-0051] [Italian][**]
[+]Basta Pasta Ristorante [37 W 17th St and 6th Ave] [212-366-0888] [Italian][****]
[+]Beyoglu [1431 3rd Ave and 81 St] [212-650-0850] [Turkish][***]
[+]Bistro Les Amis [180 Spring St and Thompson St] [212-226-8645] [French][***]
[+]Blue Hill Restaurant [75 Washington Pl and Washington Square W] [212-539-1776] [New American][****]
[+]Bon Chon [314 5th Ave and 32nd St] [212-221-2222] [Korean, American][***]
[+]Boqueria [53 West 19th St and 6th Ave] [212-255-4160] [Spanish][***]
[+]Brushstroke [30 Hudson St and Duane St] [212-513-7141] [Japanese][***]
[+]Bukhara Grill [217 E 49th St and 3rd Ave] [212-888-2839] [Indian]
[+]Burgers & Cupcakes [458 9 Avenue and W 36th St] [212-643-1200] [American][**]
[+]Buttermilk Channel [524 Court St and Huntington St] [718-852-8490] [New American][***]
[+]Cafe Cluny [284 West 12th St and W 4th St] [212-255-6900] [French][***]
[+]Cafe Cortadito [210 E 3rd St and Avenue B] [212-614-3080] [Cuban][***]
[+]Cafe D'Alsace [1695 2nd Ave and 88th St] [212-722-5133] [French, German][***]
[+]Cafe Mogador [101 Saint Marks Pl and 1st Ave] [212-677-2226] [Middle Eastern][**]
[+]Cafe Triskell [3304 36th Ave and 33rd St] [718-472-0612] [French][***]
[+]Carnegie Deli [854 7th Ave and 55th St] [212-757-2245] [Brunch, Deli][***]
[+]Chinese Mirch [120 Lexington Ave and E 28th St] [212-532-3663] [Chinese, Indian][**]
[+]Chola [232 E 58th St and 2nd Ave] [212-688-4619] [Indian][***]
[+]Clinton Street Baking Co [4 Clinton St and E Houston St] [646-602-6263] [Brunch]
[+]Crispo [240 West 14th St and 8th Ave] [212-229-1818] [Italian][***]
[+]Da Umberto [107 W 17th S and 6th Ave] [212-989-0303] [Italian][****]
[+]Danal [59 5th Ave and E 13th St] [212-982-6930] [French, Mediterranean][**]
[+]Daniel [60 East 65th St and Park Ave] [212-288-0033] [French][****]
[+]Darna [633 2nd Ave and 35th St] [212-721-9123] [French, Moroccan][**]
[+]Dieci [228 E 10th St and 1st Ave] [212-387-9545] [Japanese, Italian][***]
[+]Diner [85 Broadway and Berry St] [718-486-3077] [New American][****]
[+]Don Pedro [1865 2nd Ave and 96th St] [212-996-3274] [Cuban][***]
[+]Don's Bogam [17 E 32nd St and 5th Ave] [212-683-2200] [Korean][****]
[+]Doughnut Plant [379 Grand St and Clinton St] [M° Essex St - Delancey] [212-505-3700] [Dessert][****]
[+]Dove [228 Thompson St and W 3rd St] [212-254-1435] [Bar][*]
[+]Dovetail [103 W 77th St and Columbus Ave] [212-362-3800] [New American][****]
[+]Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant [11 Doyers St] [212-513-1527] [Vietnamese][***]
[+]Dressler [149 Broadway and Bedford Ave] [718-384-8343] [New American][****]
[+]Egg [135 N 5th St and Bedford Ave] [718-302-5151] [New American, Brunch]
[+]EN Japanese Brasserie [435 Hudson St and Leroy St] [212-647-9196] [Japanese][***]
[+]Euzkadi [108 E 4th St and 2nd Ave] [212-982-9788] [Spanish][***]
[+]Extra Virgin [259 W 4th St and Perry St] [212-691-9359] [New American, Brunch][****]
[+]Falai [68 Clinton St and Rivington St] [212-253-1960‎] [Italian][***]
[+]Firebird Russian Restaurant [365 W 46th St and 9th Ave] [212-586-0244] [Russian][***]
[+]Flatiron Lounge [37 West 19th St and 6th Ave] [212-727-7741] [Bar][****]
[+]Frederick's Downtown [637 Hudson St and Horatio St] [212-488-4200] [French][***]
[+]From Rice to Riches [37 Spring St and Mott St] [212-274-0008] [Other, Dessert][***]
[+]Full House Cafe [97 Bowery, New York, NY and Hester St] [212-925-8083] [Chinese][***]
[+]Gobo [401 6th Ave and W 8th St] [212-255-3242] [Asian Fusion, Vegetarian][**]
[+]Golden Unicorn [8 E Broadway and Catherine St] [212-941-0911] [Chinese][****]
[+]Gradisca [126 W 13th St and 6th Ave] [212-691-4886] [Italian][***]
[+]Grand Central Oyster Bar [89E 42nd St and Park Ave] [212-490-6650] [Seafood][**]
[+]Grandaisy Bakery [73 Sullivan St and Spring St] [212-334-9435] [Bakery]
[+]Great Jones Cafe [54 Great Jones St and Bowery St] [212-674-9304] [Southern][**]
[+]Grom [233 Bleecker St and Carmine St] [212-206-1738] [Dessert][****]
[+]Guang Zhou Restaurant [136-59 37th Ave and 138th St] [718-888-9996] [Chinese][****]
[+]Gusto Ristorante [60 Greenwich Ave and Perry St] [212-924-8000] [Italian][**]
[+]Gyu-Kaku [34 Cooper Sq and E 6th St] [212-475-2989] [Japanese][***]
[+]Half Pint [76 W 3rd St and Thompson St] [212-260-1088] [Bar][***]
[+]HanGawi [12 E 32nd St and Madison Ave] [212-213-0077] [Korean][**]
[+]Hatsuhana [17 East 48th St and Madison Ave] [212-355-3345] [Japanese][***]
[+]Havana New York [27 West 38th St and 6th Ave] [212-944-0990] [Cuban][**]
[+]Heidelberg Restaurant [1648 2nd Ave and E 86th St] [212-628-2332] [German][***]
[+]Hell's Kitchen [679 9th Ave and W 47th St] [212-977-1588] [New American][**]
[+]Henry's Evergreem [1288 1st Ave and 69th St] [212-744-3266] [Chinese][**]
[+]Hundred Acres [38 MacDougal St and Prince St] [212-475-7500] [New American][****]
[+]I Love Py [43-16 Greenpoint Ave and 39th Pl] [718-786-5534] [Paraguayan, Paraguay][*]
[+]Indochine [430 Lafayette St # 1 and Astor Pl] [212-505-5111] [French, Vietnamese][***]
[+]Jaiya [396 3rd Ave and 28th St] [212-889-1330] [Thai][***]
[+]Jane [100 West Houston St and Thompson St] [212-254-7000] [New American][***]
[+]Japonica [100 University Place and E 12th St] [212-243-7752] [Japanese][**]
[+]Jean Georges [1 Central Park West and W 60th St] [212-299-3900] [French][****]
[+]Jewel Bako [239 East 5th St and 2nd Ave] [212-979-1012] [Japanese][***]
[+]Katsu-Hama [45 W 55th St and 6th Ave] [212-541-7145] [Japanese][**]
[+]Katz's Delicatessen [205 East Houston St and Ludlow St] [212-254-2246] [Deli][***]
[+]Kuma Inn [113 Ludlow St and Delancy St] [212-353-8866] [Filipino][**]
[+]Kunjip [9 W 32nd St and 5th Ave] [212-216-9487] [Korean][***]
[+]Kurve [87 2nd Ave and E 5th St] [212-260-8018] [Thai, Bar][***]
[+]Kyo Ya [94 East 7th St and 1st Ave] [212-982-4140] [Japanese][*****]
[+]Kyotofu [705 9th Ave and 48th St] [212-974-6011] [Dessert][***]
[+]L'Ecole [462 Broadway and Grand St] [212-219-3413] [French][****]
[+]La Maison Du Chocolate [30 Rockefeller Center] [212-744-7141] [Chocolate][*****]
[+]La Mangeoire [1008 2nd Ave and E 53rd St] [212-759-7086] [French][**]
[+]La Palette [94 Greenwich Ave and 12th St] [212-366-6110] [French, Brazilian][***]
[+]La Sirene [558 Broome St and 6th Ave] [212-925-3061] [French]
[+]Lannam [121 University Pl and W 13th St] [212-420-1179] [Vietnamese][**]
[+]Lautrec Bistro [111 1st Av and E 7th St] [646-429-9243 ‎] [French][**]
[+]Le Colonial [149 E 57th St and Lex] [212-752-0808] [French, Vietnamese][**]
[+]Le Pain Quotidien [922 7th Ave] [French, Brunch][**]
[+]Levant East Thor [107 Rivington St and Ludlow St] [212-475-2600] [Bar][****]
[+]Limas Taste [122 Christopher Street and Bedford St] [212-242-0010] [Peruvian][**]
[+]Little Sheep Hot Pot [36-35 Main St and Northern Blvd] [718-358-6667] [Chinese][***]
[+]Lotus Of Siam [24 5th Ave and W 9th St] [212-529-1700] [Thai][**]
[+]Lupa Osteria Romana [170 Thompson St and W Houston St] [212-982-5089] [Italian][***]
[+]Madeleine Patisserie [128 W 23rd St and 6th Ave] [212-243-2757] [Pastries][****]
[+]Madonia Brothers Bakery [2348 Arthur Ave and E 186th St] [718-295-5573] [Bakery][****]
[+]Mamlouk [211 e 4th St and Ave A] [212-529-3477] [Middle Eastern][**]
[+]Markt [676 6th Ave and W 21st St] [212-727-3314] [Brunch, Continental][**]
[+]Marseille [630 9th Ave and 44th St] [212-333-2323] [French, Brunch][**]
[+]Maya [1191 1st Ave and 65th St] [212-585-1818] [Mexican][**]
[+]Menchanko-Tei [131 E 45th St and Lexington Ave] [212-986-6805] [Japanese][***]
[+]Mermaid Inn [96 2nd Ave and E 6th St] [212-674-5870] [Seafood][****]
[+]Minca [536 East 5th St and Avenue B] [212-505-8001] [Japanese][**]
[+]MONO+MONO [116 East 4th Str and 116 East 4th St, 1st Ave] [212-466-6660] [Korean][***]
[+]Monte's Trattoria [97 Macdougal St and Bleecker St] [212-674-9456] [Italian][**]
[+]Morakote Siam [35 Carmine St and Bleecker St] [212-627-7745] [Thai][**]
[+]Motor City Bar [127 Ludlow St and Rivington St] [212-358-1595] [Bar][***]
[+]Nana's Treats [46 W 17th St and 6th Ave] [212-647-1610] [Dessert]
[+]Neuhaus [89 E 42nd St # 460 and Park] [212-972-3740] [Chocolate][***]
[+]Nha Trang [87 Baxter St and Walker St] [212-233-5948] [Vietnamese][**]
[+]Num Pang [21 E 12th St and University Pl] [212-255-3271] [Asian Fusion][**]
[+]Number 28 [28 Carmine St and Bleecker St] [212-463-9653] [Italian, American][**]
[+]Oka Sushi [18 Maiden Ln] [212-233-8222] [Japanese][**]
[+]Onigashima [43 W 55th St and 6th Ave] [212-541-7145] [Japanese][**]
[+]Ootoya [8 W 18th St and 5th Ave] [212-255-0018] [Japanese][****]
[+]Orsay [1057 Lexington Ave and 75th St] [212-517-6400] [French, Brunch][]
[+]Pates et Traditions [52 Havemeyer St and N 6th St] [718-302-1878] [French][****]
[+]Patisserie Claude [187 W 4th St and Barrow St] [212-255-5911] [Pastries]
[+]Pearl Oyster Bar [18 Cornelia St and West 4th St] [212-691-8211] [Seafood][****]
[+]Pegu Club [77 W Houston St and W Broadway] [212-473-7348] [Bar][****]
[+]Peter Luger [178 Broadway] [718-387-7400 ] [American][***]
[+]Pho Bang [157 Mott St and Grand St] [212-966-3797] [Vietnamese][****]
[+]Ping's Seafood [22 Mott St # 2 and Mosco St] [212-602-9988] [Chinese][***]
[+]Pinto [118 Christopher St and Bedford St] [212-366-5455] [Thai][***]
[+]Pongal [110 Lexington Ave and E 28th St] [212-696-9458] [Indian][***]
[+]Pongsri [244 West 48th St and 8th Ave] [212-982-3392] [Thai][**]
[+]Qi [31 W 14th St and 6th Ave] [212-929-9917] [Thai][***]
[+]Radiance Tea House [158 W 55th St and 7th Ave] [212-217-0442] [Chinese, Tea][****]
[+]Rai Rai Ken [217 East 10th St and 2nd Ave] [212-477-7030] [Japanese][****]
[+]Raoul's [180 Prince St and Thompson St] [212-966-3518] [French][***]
[+]Red Bench [107 Sullivan St and Prince St] [212-274-9120] [Bar][*]
[+]Red Cat [227 10 Ave and W 23rd St] [212-242-1122] [New American][***]
[+]Riki [141 E 45th St and Lexington Ave] [212-986-1109] [Japanese][**]
[+]Roberto Passon [741 Ninth Ave and 50th St] [212-582-5599] [Italian][***]
[+]Rouge et Blanc [48 MacDougal St and King St] [212-260-5757] [French, Vietnamese][***]
[+]Ruby Foos [2182 Broadway Ave and 77th St] [212-724-6700] [Japanese, Asian Fusion, Thai][**]
[+]Sakagura [211 East 43rd St and 3rd Ave] [212-953-7253] [Japanese][****]
[+]Sala One Nine [35 West 19th St and 6th Ave] [212-229-2300] [Spanish][*]
[+]Scarpetta [355 West 14th St and 9th Ave] [212-691-0555] [Italian][****]
[+]Second Ave Deli [162 E 33rd St and 11th St] [212-677-0606] [Brunch, Deli][****]
[+]Sherry-Lehmann Wine and Spirits [679 Madison Ave and 62nd St] [212-838-7500] [Other][***]
[+]Shimizu [318 W 51st St and 8th Ave] [212-581-1581] [Japanese][**]
[+]Smith & Wollensky [797 3 Avenue and E 49th St] [212-753-1530] [American]
[+]Socarrat [259 W 19th St and 8th Ave] [212-462-1000] [Spanish][**]
[+]Soto [357 6th Ave and Washington Pl] [212-414-3089] [Japanese][****]
[+]Spain Restaurant [113 W 13th St and 6th Ave] [212-929-9580] [Spanish][**]
[+]Spotted Pig [314 West 11th St and Greenwich St] [212-620-0393] [American][****]
[+]Stand [24 E 12th St and University Pl] [212-488-5900] [American][**]
[+]Sushi of Gari 46 [347 W 46th St and 8th Ave] [212-957-0046] [Japanese][****]
[+]Sushi Seki [1143 1st Ave and E 63rd St] [212-371-0238] [Japanese][*****]
[+]Sushi Sen-Nin [30 E 33rd St and Madison Ave] [212-889-5888] [Japanese][***]
[+]Sushi Yasuda [204 East 43rd St and 3rd Ave] [212-972-1001] [Japanese][*****]
[+]Sway Lounge [305 Spring St and Renwick St] [212-620-5220] [Bar][**]
[+]Tabla [11 Madison Ave and E 25th St] [212-889-0667] [Indian][**]
[+]Tavern on the Green [1 West 67th St and Centrak Park West] [212-873-3200] [American][*]
[+]Teuscher [620 5th Ave and 50th St] [212-246-4416] [Chocolate][*****]
[+]Thai Son [89 Baxter St and Walker St] [212-732-2822] [Vietnamese][***]
[+]Thainy [394 3rd Ave and E 28th St] [212-696-2888] [Thai][**]
[+]The Harrison [355 Greenwich St and Harrison St] [212-274-9310] [New American][***]
[+]The Modern [9 West 53rd St and 5th Ave] [212-333-1220] [New American][***]
[+]The Room [44 Sullivan St and W Houston St] [212-477-2102] [Bar][*]
[+]Tocqueville [1 E 15th St and 5th Ave] [212-647-1515] [New American][***]
[+]Tomoe Sushi [172 Thompson St and W Houston St] [212-777-9346] [Japanese][****]
[+]Trestle On Tenth [242 10 Ave and W 24th St] [212-645-5659] [New American][****]
[+]Udon West [11 Saint Marks Pl and 3rd Ave] [212-353-3888] [Japanese][***]
[+]Vbar [225 Sullivan St and W 3rd St] [212-253-5740] [Pastries][***]
[+]Village Yokocho [8 Stuyvesant St and E 9th St] [212-598-3041] [Japanese]
[+]Vince and Eddies [70 W 68th St and Columbus Ave] [212-721-0068] [Italian, American][*]
[+]Wu Liang Ye [36 W 48th St and 6th Ave] [212-398-2308] [Chinese][**]

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